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this isn't happiness. Responsibilities Responsibilities this isn't happiness. Scary Cepheus Flare Scary Cepheus Flare this isn't happiness. Still falls the rain Still falls the rain this isn't happiness. Shadow of the dog, Thomas Roma Shadow of the dog, Thomas Roma this isn't happiness. The coffee’s not going to make itself Photographer: Toni Veziris www.toniveziris.photography @toniveziris Model: Katie @katiekuips The coffee’s not going to make itself Colossal New Miniature Hand-Thrown Ceramics and Equipment by Jon Almeda We continue to be amazing by ceramic artist Jon Almeda's (previously) incredibly tiny vessels thrown by hand on a miniature clay wheel. The variety of cups, vases, bowls, and other objects are so tiny they can perch on a fingertip or rest on a coin.... FFFFOUND! I need a guide: carlie trosclair via http://ineedaguide.blogspot.it/2012/04/carlie-trosclair.html FFFFOUND! I need a guide: olaf brzeski via http://ineedaguide.blogspot.com/2011/08/olaf-brzeski.html Colossal Win $500 in Merch with Artist Shops by Threadless (Sponsored) Want to win some free merch and create an online store for your art? Sign up and create an Artist Shop for a chance to earn $500 worth of merchandise from your own shop! They say it takes money to make money. But when the cost of signing up for an Artist... Colossal Electroluminescent Installations Highlight Loneliness in a New Short Film by ‘3hund’ Installing beacons in scenes of thick forests and milky lagoons, German duo Tarek Mawad and Friedrich van Schoor of collective 3hund produced the film LUCID in order to capture the melancholy mood of these displaced works. The short film is a surreal... Deep Space Daguerreotype Rantingsofamoderndayglamourgirl:

Virginia Bruce (1931)

Virginia Bruce (1931) Photographs On The Brain La-beaute–de-pandore:

Huger Foote

Now Here Then


Huger Foote

Now Here Then Colossal Aerial Shots of the Bright and Colorful Goods Sold by Street Vendors in Vietnam by Photographer Loes Heerink Fascinated by the colorful arrangements of flowers and fruits strapped to the bikes of street vendors in Vietnam, photographer Loes Heerink began climbing onto different bridges around Hanoi to capture these pops of color on the streets. Heerink loved... Colossal Assembled Figurines by Garret Kane Appear to Burst with the Seasons Assemblage artist Garret Kane just unveiled this new series of figurative sculptures depicting fractured individuals who appear to merge with the seasons. Each piece was first partially designed using digital sculpting software called Zbrush, and then... Deep Space Daguerreotype Kundst:

Edvard Munch  (Nor. 1863-1944)The Night Wanderer... kundst:

Edvard Munch  (Nor. 1863-1944)The Night Wanderer (1923/24)  
This is a late self-portrait by Munch Deep Space Daguerreotype Fawnvelveteen:

John Singer Sargent, Nonchaloir (Repose),... fawnvelveteen:

John Singer Sargent, Nonchaloir (Repose), 1911, Oil on canvas, 63,8 x 76,2 cm, National Gallery of Art, Washington Deep Space Daguerreotype Hauntedbystorytelling:

Grundworth, date unknown

‘A likely... hauntedbystorytelling:

Grundworth, date unknown

‘A likely theory is that Grundworth was a pseudonym created from various photographers who wanted to create more lucrative and bawdy images while maintaining their standard lines of  more classical... FFFFOUND! ImNotWordy.com - Get Inspired. via http://imnotwordy.com/ FFFFOUND! Sommme Peoppple ttto folllow onnn Dribbble | Allan Peters' Blog via http://allanpeters.com/blog/?p=6533 FFFFOUND! Build - Piscean & Taurean - 13:720.31 via http://blog.wearebuild.com/2012/10/no-thanks/ FFFFOUND! This isn't happiness™ via http://thisisnthappiness.com/ FFFFOUND! Lezinfo » IMAGE – 195 – FELIX PFÄFFLI via http://www.lezinfo.com/image-195-felix-pfaffli/ Photographs On The Brain Landscape-stories:

Michał Iwanowski -... landscape-stories:

Michał Iwanowski - Clear Of People 
www.landscapestories.net Photographs On The Brain Firsttimeuser:

“Graphics”, 1977 by Z. Datuashvili

“Graphics”, 1977 by Z. Datuashvili Photographs On The Brain Davidvalera:

	| New York, NY | 2016 by [DV8] David Patrick... davidvalera:

	| New York, NY | 2016 by [DV8] David Patrick Valera Photographs On The Brain Lenscratch:

© Sage Sohier  lenscratch:

© Sage Sohier Photographs On The Brain Shutterstock:

via How ’90s Cultural Icons Influenced the... Kurt Cobain with his daughter Frances Bean, 1993 - Photo Credit: Stephen Sweet/REX/Shutterstock  PUFF DADDY AND NOTORIOUS B.I.G., March 13th, 1997 - Photo Credit: ERIK PENDZICH/REX/Shutterstock  Will Smith, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, 1990 – Photo Credit:... FFFFOUND! DEFENCE_SEP-530.jpg 530×295 pixels via http://www.unionlosangeles.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/DEFENCE_SEP-530.jpg FFFFOUND! Spoon & Tamago - Part 4 via http://www.spoon-tamago.com/page/4/ FFFFOUND! The Vader Project | Fubiz™ via http://www.fubiz.net/2010/05/14/the-vader-project/#more-82362 Deep Space Daguerreotype Frenchvintagegallery:

Picasso Posing as the Artist with Jean... frenchvintagegallery:

Picasso Posing as the Artist with Jean Marais as His Model, 1944. 
Brassaï Photographs On The Brain Nevver:

Saturday Night Fever, Leah Frances nevver:

Saturday Night Fever, Leah Frances Photographs On The Brain Icphoto:

#ThrowbackThursdayCharlie Chaplin and Douglas... icphoto:

#ThrowbackThursdayCharlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks take Wall Street. 📷 Sub-Treasury Building, New York, 1918—now named the Federal Hall National Memorial Photographs On The Brain Photo FFFFOUND! Per temeritas via http://aubzillatron.tumblr.com/post/753961025 FFFFOUND! Ben is a Designer via http://benisadesigner.tumblr.com/post/27215921896 Photographs On The Brain Bryanformhals:

Los Angeles, California,... bryanformhals:

Los Angeles, California, 2007-2008bryanformhals.com FFFFOUND! It Only Took A War | Design Studio Maurice Redmond – Berlin via http://www.mauriceredmond.com/it-only-took-a-war/ FFFFOUND! Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » sneak peek: robin lester via http://www.designspongeonline.com/2008/05/sneak-peek-robin-lester.html FFFFOUND! David+netto.jpg (image) via http://bp3.blogger.com/_abGRa1b0BJc/R5pMk_ioMDI/AAAAAAAAHs4/xVBxo8ln0Y4/s1600-h/david+netto.jpg FFFFOUND! Daniel Everett | Arcademi via http://www.arcademi.com/daniel-everett/ FFFFOUND! Daniel Everett | Arcademi via http://www.arcademi.com/daniel-everett/ FFFFOUND! Grain edit · Vintage Russian Posters - Real 1970s Proper Like via http://grainedit.com/2009/10/20/vintage-russian-posters-real-1970s-proper-like/ FFFFOUND! Tumblr via http://www.tumblr.com/dashboard FFFFOUND! Toan Vu-Huu ::: Atelier de conception graphique ::: Studio for visual concepts: Home via http://www.toanvuhuu.com/ but does it float Thou still unravished bride of quietness Paintings by Gregory Thielker
Title: Keats

Folkert but does it float Where does the light go when the light goes out? Photographic prints by Matt Waples
Title: David Zindell

Atley but does it float We affirm that the world’s magnificence has been enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of speed Photographs by Frédéric Fontenoy
Title: from the Manifesto of Futurism, F. T. Marinetti

Folkert but does it float I had a dream, which was not all a dream Images taken by the unmanned spacecraft Cassini
Title: Lord Byron

Atley but does it float Strange that in my remoteness I seemed to feel, as never before, the vital presence of Earth as of a creature alive but tranced and obscurely yearning to wake Poured resin artworks by Bruce Riley
Title: Olaf Stapledon, Star Maker (1937)


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